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Experience the extraordinary with KALU, the world's first patented Premium Slow Burning
Rolling Papers combining CBD Isolate + Terpenes. Crafted with exclusive organic materials.


Indulge in a sensory adventure as each aroma blends carefully selected terpenes, guiding
you through captivating flavors and effects. Ignite KALU's perfectly crafted paper and
immerse yourself in euphoric upliftment or tranquil relaxation.

KALU is more than rolling papers; it's an exclusive club for connoisseurs appreciating life's
finer aspects. Elevate smoking to an art form, self-care, and wellness with our fusion of
CBD Isolate and Terpenes.


Choose your favorite aromas and enjoy the ride

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“I have been smoking for years and I have used  almost every blunt or joint wrap out in the market. I have never  enjoyed a wrap paper like KALU before. The quality, texture and effect of this paper is A1. I would definitely recommend KALU wraps to anyone. I don't use anything but KALU wraps since I found out about them "

Alex Miami/FL

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"This is the first product that I've seen that offers terpenes and cbd. It truely maximized my high"

Peter, Columbs/Ohio

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“Probably one of the most different and best rolling paper I have ever had. It does what it promotes. I love how it tasted and how smooth it was”

Katherine, Oakland/ California


Tribu Hemp brings you an immersive experience to elevate your high. You can expect to feel the euphoric embrace of uplifting terpenes that elevate your spirit and energize your mind. Feel the gentle whispers of calming blends that envelop you in a tranquil sanctuary, soothing your soul and granting a moment of respite. With every session, KALU empowers you to curate your own adventure, unlocking a world of sensations and emotions that transport you beyond the boundaries of the everyday.

But KALU is more than a conduit for an exceptional experience; it's a symbol of luxurious living. We believe that self-indulgence is an essential part of self-care, and our rolling papers become an accessory that embodies the essence of sophistication and refinement. It's an expression of your unique style and a testament to your discerning taste.


Experience adventure, luxury, and sensory exploration in a box. KALU will elevate your smoking experience to new heights. 

Each box includes: KALU's 12 or 6 pack, Tray, Lighter, Thermal Mug, Silicone Bag and Grinder

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6 Pack $44.99

12 pack $55.99

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Happy Couple
Happy Couple
Happy Couple
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